Review: Blåkulla – The Immortal Cult

Released in 2015 by Lower Silesian Stronghold

Listen while you read.




Secluded in the countryside, far removed from the bustling noise of the human plague, a fissure begins to open in the fertile crust. Deeper and deeper the fault continues its gaping yawn, eventually exposing the inner workings of the earth. Mysterious sounds emit from a newly exposed cavern as we are engulfed in this titanic maelstrom, desperately seeking solid ground. Pulsating lava glows in tune with the rhythm and the riffs as the intense gravity plunges us onto a sandy landing beneath an ancient opened door. Behold a man who harnesses primordial will and preaches his psalms of glory concealed in a sunless fiery vault.

Despite the inescapably grim solitude, Blåkulla delivers a stubborn superiority within the roars that separates itself from the rest of the raging chaotic instruments. A strange energy has seeped down from the idyllic isolation on the surface. Screams become impassioned battlecries as the choral chants fiercely inject power into the unfolding sonic structure of each track. The triumphant “Pagan Baptism” constantly builds in immediacy and vigor, with “We are the sons of the moon” echoing soundly throughout grand desolate halls. Anguish is the channel for ascendancy and these dismal orations stir skeletal warriors from their long residency in the chasm. In this underground lair we are firsthand witnesses to ancient forces reviving to upheave the present world.

Vocal solidarity is confirmed in “Blessed Be The Champions of Death” as copious exclamations in the chorus circulate an instinctual chill down your spine as the venerable spirits fully bloom into this era of existence. The strength and passion of the growls continue on towards a higher peak in “Hate and Pride” as they entwine together with the main riff and twist towards the surface. Voice alone, however, does not cause a reckoning of this magnitude. Ardor is the backbone of every performance within the sphere of Blåkulla, separating this ritual from the mindless clones upon the periphery. The escalating riff intensity on the aforementioned “Pagan Baptism” is an unstoppable force; an inhuman drill barreling through all organic matter in its path upwards. Although deceivingly formulaic, all of the tracks seem to work in this cooperative manner to achieve a profound feeling as events are steadily reaching a rewarding climax.

Hermetic meditation is required to unlock the unique atmosphere percolating its way through the album. “Eternal Quest” builds to overwhelming highs as the ascendant route illuminates ornate ruins within the smoldering scene. Savage battering is the euphoric pulse paving the way forward amidst wayward variations. A bewitching glue somehow holds “Hate and Pride” together as it all but implodes around 1:45 in, carrying the song forward just as much in your imagination as in reality. The swirling main riff victoriously blazes the final trail out of the abyss into the stark moonlight of a world long unseen. “Endless Lunar Night” contains remnants of the leftover energy of the breakthrough before gazing upwards, revealing the legendary, mysterious beauty of the cosmos. The abrupt entrance of the soaring ultimate guitar solo begins to blur the visions of the stars as your spirit abandons this realm. Onward into countless battles.


Whirlwind of swords

Thunder of terror

I dare you to defy me!

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