Review: Wagner Ödegård – Spöstugan

Released December 21, 2019 by Solstice Rex.

Listen while you read.




Part One


Electric winds and lightning force fields vibrate across the abyssal black sky.  Harrowing thunderous cracks echo throughout the ominous concoction.  Pummeling rain lashes out at everything exposed, soaking down to the core in a bone-chilling instant.  Disjointed, distant screams reflect the panic amidst the merciless havoc.  With all paths obscured and the equilibrium in disarray, fear mobilizes and an escape is frantically sought.  Yet the landscape is barren with nothing to shield from the reckoning above.

The treacherous slog seems endless, further encumbered by soaked garments.  Out of the clouds, a shadowy outline begins to break through void of endless storm.  A silhouette of a nondescript compact structure emerges into view, the only tangible sight for miles around.  Although it appears fragile and vulnerable beneath the apocalyptic chaos above, there is a resoluteness that permeates it.  Approaching the distant oasis required hours of willpower just to be met with dejection upon laying eyes on the target location. Shattered windows absorb breaths of the storm, while paint and shingles peel off helplessly in the forceful gales.  With a cataclysmic crack of lightning, the hypnotic gaze of cosmetic flaws was jolted into motion towards the rusty entrance door, as this shelter still held a glimpse of survival from the outside elements.



Part Two


Exterminating gusts quickly abduct all visitors from the natural world, through the opened door into a lair of iniquity.  Anguished cries -unnoticeable from the other side- violently penetrate all of the senses to cause total and immediate disorientation.  Staggering into an operating theater with stretchers strewn about, you notice wounds that are open, hanging, festering upon the somehow conscious bodies.  The mere presence of an outsider here quickly descends the feeble brains of these haunted creatures into further decay.  Their shrieks reverberate along the bloodstained, once white tile in this decrepit torture chamber.  Continually existing in a deafening state of constant hallucinations is too taxing for any mortal organ.  Sounds of depravity eventually ebb into an engulfing rhythm as insanity overtakes the temporal soul in a sadistic ritual of blood and flesh.  Final ruminations of life are soaked in cacophony, vitals expiring in an unrelenting force of confusion.  Once a distant shadow, this unholy temple houses earthly forces just as vicious as the might of the gods raging outdoors.  None who enter can possibly be spared.

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