Review: Misantropical Painforest – Winds Saturate With Inhumane Longing

Released June 2005 by Alpha Draconis Records


Listen while you read.




Suffocation and claustrophobia are immediate spearheads in the opening ode to the ancient spirit of the woods. The natural world existed long before us, and it will also stand idly by during the violent demise of the human race. This theme of pitiless, merciless nature remains constant throughout this sonic maze. The self-titled track introduces humanity and the complex sensations of standing alone and undisturbed in the wilderness, contemplating not just our present existence but the entirety of human history in order to understand how we arrived at this desperate state of separation from nature. Fantasizing about the past can conjure many emotions, from deep curiosity to outright frustration at our inability to see untouched vistas before the epidemic of human destruction. Misantropical Painforest finds great pain in this regard as both the vocals and the lyrics are haunted by a sense of anguished longing. The insane atmosphere created by this primordial rage is only further compounded by the devastating bass onslaught amid the frantic pace of the track, and verses eventually start to randomly repeat themselves and intertwine in a cluster of delirium.


“Past the Stonecircle Clearing” drags us away from contemplation and into an active search for knowledge and truth. A barbaric, intimidating atmosphere reigns here with crazed vocals ranging from falsettos to bloodthirsty laughing, simply intoxicated by the helplessness exuded by the forest. The vocal delivery possesses a strange sense of urgency, almost sounding as if voices have surrounded you as your brain is in the process of melting. As the smoke clears after the sustained intensity, only bewilderment remains; we are now in uncharted territory spiritually and physically, cowering in anticipation of the perversity ahead and blind to the next destination. “The path was gone!” A foreboding sense of doom awaits our every move as the low end aggression in “Besmeared the Tunic of Honour” returns to drown all hope. We are strangers in this wooded land and our presence is known and unwanted, not just amongst the trees but the plethora of animals that inhabit the various nooks within. This is a hymn for the lands that cast humanity out in all its natural rage – timeless forces born of this planet that can lie dormant for centuries. Only the most seasoned travelers may pass through, albeit not entirely unscathed.


With exhaustion taking control, visions of the past erode away earthly consciousness. One simple melancholic riff meanders through this psalm of veneration for quite a long while, just as the weakening rivers of autumn are no longer rushing to proceed towards larger waters. A force eventually begins to stir under the surface, and “To Bequeath the Tranquil Waters” undergoes a magnificent transformation. A renewed sense of vigor infuses the main riff to triumphantly march to the edges of the universe. The drums are performed in a possessed and transfixed manner, hypnotically lost in the ancient energy yet inspired to accompany the rest of the sounds to the fields beyond. The swirling monotony inhibits all motor skills and intruding external thought processes, creating a vacuum for all the unimportant noise that usually tends to surround our existence.


Harsh clanging stirs us from the dream state, piecing back together the harsh reality that was only briefly forgotten. “Wood Chain Summoning” contains the most brutal passages on this psychedelic escapade, leaving only sawdust and fumes in its hellacious wake. As tempos slow to a devastating crawl only to speed back up again, all sense of time and place becomes warped amidst the conglomerate of assaulting sounds. Rattling heaviness continues on “Journeying (T)here”, but there is a mysterious energy present. Strange echoes signal our arrival to a different plane, as there is no barrage to propel us deeper into the unforgiving forest. There is nothing left for us to prove to the demons that haunt here, and clarity begins to wash over our once fragile psyche. We have been reborn in these woods at the hands of a merciless criterion that led us through an unpredictable and epic excursion through every facet of the infinitely curious human mind.


Winds Saturate With Inhumane Longing is a mythical exploration of monolithic proportions. Self-discovery through pain characterizes much of what is to be felt here, with disorienting, massive, and unique musical passages lying in wait at every uncertain step. Possessed by the merciless aura of the woodlands, the psychotic vocal performance assumes multiple identities over many revolutions around this arboraceous vortex. Much like preparing for a life-altering trip deep into the backcountry with dangerous terrain and predatory beasts, this trek also requires expert honing of survival skills in order to merely emerge alive. For the few that survive to reap the rewards of this labyrinth, they will be forever emboldened to pursue further enlightenment regardless of certain treachery.


The pain you may feel in your guts

If your heart is insincere

Is a sign of a forthcoming

Misantropical disembowelment!

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