Voyage of Interstellar Perception: Volume I

Through our eyes, the universe is perceiving itself. Through our ears, the universe is listening to its harmonies. We are the witnesses through which the universe becomes conscious of its glory, of its magnificence.

– Alan Wilson Watts

Intelligent life has inherited The Universe’s explorative instinct. This deep-rooted intuition advances the living to conquer mountains, oceans, planets, solar systems and galaxies. Knowledge and exploration are cyclically bound in which, with more knowledge, new methods of travel become available to continue the pursuit of knowledge. This narrative is one account of The Universe perceiving a previously unknown realm.

Concept story inspired by Battle Dagorath’s Frozen Light of Eternal Darkness. A factual location in space was chosen:


Galaxy: Milky Way

Constellation: Virgo

Pulsar Star: Lich (PSR B1257+12

Planet: Phobetor (PSR B1257+12 C) 


Years of steadfast meditation have yielded sufficient energy in the form of tangible thought. Unlike previous journeys, there is now enough energy to arrive, learn and return. The cosmic web is thus called upon and a focal point is identified deep within. The dark ritual initiates and the intelligent mind is projected into the depths of the universe faster than the speed of light. Spiraled forth as a corkscrew of pure energy, a new vision unfolds. 

On a distant planet, the senses clear to witness a pulsating light from a minuscule star in space. The vision continues dilating as a landscape of glimmering glaciers unfolds. Across a sharply curved horizon, consistent flashes of solar aquamarine light reveal deep shades of purple throughout the iced tundra. Entwined in each light wave is a reverberating magnetism that whips through the planet’s atmosphere buffeting the expansive fields of ice. 

As if vocalized from the planet itself, colossal glaciers moan as hardened ice grates. Dusted ice floats from the surface and drifts amongst the planet’s emblazoned auroras. The star’s magnetic pulses permeate through this atmospheric myriad and catalyzes a resounding melody. Frosted tones begin to inflect in waves as if orchestrating the dancing glaciers below. There is sensual bliss at the crest of each tonal waves but, in its trough, the giants pummel and the shocks from colliding permafrost create planetary tremors. 

The instability felt from the planet eluded to the swift closure of the ritual. And yet the howl of the subzero winds increases in turbulence and an unexpected astral whisper echoes “But it was not the end.” The icy surface erupts in upheaval and coalesces like the shifting sands of a desert. Crystalline kaleidoscopes of cold blue and violet colors glisten across the transmuting mantle of the planet. The senses are engulfed and meld into a cathartic rhythm in unison to the star’s pulsations.

The meditative vision folds as energy from the intelligent mind subsides. Unanchored, the projected mind traverses back upon the corkscrew upon which it came. The Universe now knows this place amongst the stars. 





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