Review: Flooded Church of Asmodeus – The Willing Followers of HIM

Released on Bestial Burst in June 2019

Listen while you read.




An unsettling funeral dirge looms overhead, mouths agape at the impending horror flowing in from great distances, sneaking up over the mountains and winding down through the valleys. A ritualistic sonic doom explodes from the sky as pounding synchronization of strings and drums manifests as an all-encompassing fear. The sounds suffocate, firmly forcing you below the surface as torrential flows of debris swallow the streets, engulfing life without remorse. Variation has no presence here as there is simply no escape from a slow, agonizing death the way Nature intended.

The cacophony settles into its groove at this point, delivering devastation on autopilot. Vocal transmissions pass as if an abrasive wind was howling in a blizzard of radiation and toxic chemicals; a storm you cannot shield yourself from. A caustic unraveling begins to take hold barely halfway into this calamity and doubt begins to plant its seed as the possibility of survival plunges. Can this storm possibly continue under the same intensity once the inevitable eye has passed?

The sonic breakdown has indeed transformed, yet continues on a stranger, more ferocious path by the conclusion of events. Drums are sporadically knocked around as wayward treetops in a vicious breeze. An ominous feedback swallows every bit of matter in its insane wake. The earsplitting cyclone continues to build in size and strength, wiping away all evidence of human presence. The throes of death lurk all around, bodies and wreckage thrown about the hellscape with tremendous ease. Cries for help cannot be heard over the sonic torrent that consumes with a scornful disdain for every thing on Earth.

After nothing is left standing as it once was, and the fatalities near maximum, the force of death passes on to another unsuspecting area. A wondrous silence washes over the path of destruction. For a brief moment, thoughts of the freshly witnessed tragedy are interrupted by the profound beauty of the grand silence. Somehow we survived to witness the brutal aftermath of this episode of unrelenting death, and we are obligated to tell its tale for the legend to rise. Now to stand and escape the rubble of all that used to exist and step over the bodies and garbage towards an uncertain beginning.


I want what man rejects

I forgive what man will not


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